Choosing a Contractor


Five steps to choosing a contractor

1.Choose the right design team to work alongside the builders - not against them.

2. Allow enough time to book in the builder of choice (NWS normally have a lead time of three months).

3. Talk to previous clients of the builder, go and inspect previous jobs, don’t just rely on the Internet, it can be very misleading. (NWS can go back to clients from three months to 20 years for referral)

4. Allow time to talk to your builder prior to drawings and when drawings are being prepared, plus regular discussion whilst the job progresses. (NWS work alongside clients and keep them informed during all stages with advice and suggestions as the job progress. We also really listen to our clients, and take on board their own needs and comments throughout.)

5. Be prepared! During the project you will almost definitely come across something unexpected. Allow a contingency on your budget although the unexpected may be pleasant.

A well was discovered on this site at Morville which was right beneath the floor of the proposed new extension!
in September 2005 we uncovered a human skull within a garden in St Mary’s Street, Bridgnorth!


(NWS have found wells 37 feet deep, culverts, streams, bread ovens, coins, glass bottles, old newspapers, priest holes in chimneys, inglenook chimneys that have been covered over, timber framed walls and in September 2005 we uncovered a human skull within a garden in St Mary’s Street, Bridgnorth. The latter had press and police storming onto the site and closed it down for a few days until it was identified as an ancient historical find.)

Should there be extra costs that arise we keep all clients informed each month to avoid any surprises at the end of the job.