Renovation & Restoration

Restoration is the area of our work that comes from the heart.To look at a derelict wreck and picture it brought back to its former glory - this is what makes it all worthwhile.We still get a genuine thrill from seeing a beautiful building emerge from a neglected shell. Many clients have mentioned that they have noted our tradesmen, when constructing, for instance, an oak-framed truss or stone wall,  taking a moment to stand back to admire the job.

Specialist restoration of the stonework of an ancient barn.

This is what restoration is about, and pride in our work is the principle on which NWS Construction Ltd is founded.NWS Construction Ltd are as much concerned as the client about workmanship and the final  outcome of a project.As the word 'restoration' indicates, we look to restore to a satisfactory state, meeting the requirements of both the clients and the building itself. However, making the right initial decisions before any work commences is vital if the scheme is to be successful. Before you begin, go to the link 'Choosing a Contractor' for a checklist to help you ensure your dream project doesn't become a nightmare!